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Whether you are just plain bored or simply too broke to purchase other materials; cardboard is free! Cardboard is such a versitile craft medium that you can make just about anything from it. All you need is a little knowledge about different construction techniques to ignite your own art passion for cardboard. This blog is intended to show the construction techniques I use in my own cardboard crafts. When you learn the secrets of creating strength with cardboard you can create whatever you desire. From simple items like picture frames to extremely large pieces of usable furniture; it will all be possible. Travel along with me as I show you the secrets hidden within the cardboard. Go green or save a tree or just to keep it out of a landfill.... whatever your choice of phrases.... start creating your own cardboard art. If you find this blog helpful, please recommend it to your friends.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bobbin organizer

January organizing is happening all over everywhere.  I'm doing a lot of organizing myself.  I'm using cardboard to make stuff I really don't want to spend money to purchase.  I could buy some type of bobbin organizer which might work.  More likely it wouldn't work the way I wanted it to and I'd wind up feeling guilty for spending the money but tossing it out anyway. 

Yesterday I decided to organize these bobbins laying loose in a drawer.  These are the M size bobbins that go to my quilting machine.  They constantly slide around in the bottom of the drawer and the threads come loose and tangle.  Well cardboard is free so no guilt if this doesn't work.  I'll give it a try for a few weeks to see if I'm happy with it.

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