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Whether you are just plain bored or simply too broke to purchase other materials; cardboard is free! Cardboard is such a versitile craft medium that you can make just about anything from it. All you need is a little knowledge about different construction techniques to ignite your own art passion for cardboard. This blog is intended to show the construction techniques I use in my own cardboard crafts. When you learn the secrets of creating strength with cardboard you can create whatever you desire. From simple items like picture frames to extremely large pieces of usable furniture; it will all be possible. Travel along with me as I show you the secrets hidden within the cardboard. Go green or save a tree or just to keep it out of a landfill.... whatever your choice of phrases.... start creating your own cardboard art. If you find this blog helpful, please recommend it to your friends.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome new followers

Welcome to my new followers!  Although it's sometimes a long time between my posts, I'm really glad you joined me.  I'm still working on the breakfast bar and taking photos.  I hope to have more photos ready this month.  Making the breakfast bar came to a halt when I got busy with quilting work over the holidays. 

Creating with cardboard is a hobby but quilting is my work.  Work is what pays my bills. 

I plan to make a couple of changes to how this blog works before I get too many posts written.  I want to make it easier to follow the steps and print them out if you want.  I'm not very computer savy so it takes me a little longer to figure out how things work.  Hmm... it also occurred to me.... each time I get things figured out, blogger makes changes.  It's hard to keep up. 

If there is anything unclear with the steps, please let me know.  I tend to loose track of what I've done and what I've written about.  What happens is I will work on a cardboard project taking photos.  The photos are for writing posts of the steps later.  Then I'll have to stop to go do something else for a few days without getting the step posts written. When I come back to the cardboard I've lost my place.  I can't remember what step I finished writing and what still needs to be written.  Do you ever have this happen to you? 

Well anyway, a reminder from a reader is usually enough to help me get back on track with the next step.  Creating is always more fun than writing about creating.  I also have a mother in a nursing home and I babysit my granddaughter while my daughter goes to college classes in the evening which means I can't spend a lot of time type-talking on the computer. 

Thanks again for joining as a follower.  I hope I can make cardboard an enjoyable hobby for you.

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