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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breakfast bar, section 2 - step two

Just like with the first section we will need struts for strength.  My cabinet is 18 inched deep, front to back, so I took a piece of board 18 inches wide and drew some lines one inch apart.  Then drew a line down the center.  This line is useful for another step.  Drawing it now will insure that all of the struts are marked in the identical place.

The strength of the flutes need to be orientated so they go top to bottom when placed in your cabinet.  This will be more apparent later in the instructions.

I cut out all the struts.  Then marked a line across the line I drew previously on one of the struts.  You may need to click and enlarge the picture to see this line.  It represents the center of the struts top to bottom but the previous line was from end to end.  Hmm.... hard to describe.  Notice how the flutes are oriented? 

Using the two lines I've drawn on the one strut, I make a couple more marks.  These marks are the same as the thickness of the center strength piece we cut in step one.  I took a small scrap piece of board and used it to mark these lines.  I'm making notches in these struts.  The notches are half the distance of the strut, or 1/2 inch because the strut is 1 inch.

I cut out the area that I had marked.  It is centered both end to end and top to bottom of the strut.  I used the first one to mark and cut out a notch on all the other struts. 

I'm jumping ahead a little but I want to show how the cutting of the notches is important.  They need to be the size of the cardboard they will be attached to.  Like this.

Too large and the struts will be wobbly during a later step.  Too small and it will be difficult to get them together.  Notice how I've used double fluted on one piece and single fluted on the other?  Inside this section a single flute will work just fine if that's all you have. 

How many struts do I need?  I have 15.  I'll explain how I got this figure in the next step. 

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