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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breakfast bar - step 6

I have said that if I ever got new kitchen base cabinets they would have drawers instead of just shelves.  Well heck, I ask myself, why am I making shelves for my breakfast bar instead of drawers like I prefer?  I couldn't find a reason, so I decided to make drawers.  Here's the first one. 

What I have done is create a simple box.  No inside walls, struts, or top.  This drawer is only 4 inches deep and won't store anything heavy so it has only a single bottom piece.  Most drawers don't need heavy duty walls with struts but the bottom should stronger if you plan to store anything heavy in it.  Cardboard bends with weight so keep that in mind when creating drawers.

I'm not making a front piece for the drawer yet either.  I still haven't decided on an outside finish for my breakfast bar.   I'm leaving the drawers plain until the very end.  Here is how the drawer looks in the unit.

Yes, it is slightly smaller than the area it fits.  I learned a long time ago that cardboard drawers should be just a bit smaller so they open and close easier. If you look at the drawers in a wood cabinet or in a dresser you will see that those are smaller than the opening.  It's the front facing of a drawer that hides the gap.

I'm planning on doing the drawer facings when I decide how I want the outside to look.  I haven't decided on a style.  I like ornate with scrollwork and carvings but my exsisting cabinets don't have that. 

Before going on to the next step, I'm going to sand all the joins and put water based tape (kraft tape) over all the exposed edges.  Including the top edge of the drawer.  There should be no flute edges showing anywhere. 

Ready for step 7?  

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